Magento M2 Migration

Now is the time to migrate to Magento 2

Magento 1 will cease to be supported at the end of June 2020. Now is the time to convert to Magento 2, which will offer improved performance, boosted visibility of business results and a more supportive approach to omni-channel performance strategies.

An expanding functionality is at the core of the Magento 2, with updates and new features added by the official development team, every three months. Users will also have unique access to the Magento 2 support system, which, for those who fail to upgrade to this system from Magento 1 will eventually become unable to access the same level of support as those who have upgraded.

Do I need to upgrade?

In short, yes! Although you may not be experiencing issues with your Magento 1 version(s) right now, your ecommerce store may begin to experience some of the following, which could be an indication that your site requires an immediate update.

  • Ecommerce store is experiencing issues in performance and fails to consistently run smoothly
  • Revenue and/or orders have reduced in line with
    previous performance
  • Ecommerce store is experiencing problematic features

It is also important to consider updating the Magento 2 to ensure future-proofing and performance is preserved, particularly when:

  • Starting a new ecommerce business
  • Implementing large scale modifications to your site
  • Boost overall site performance

What are the key reasons to implement Magento 2 upgrades?

  • Scalability and enhanced performance
  • Responsive and search engine friendly
  • Streamlined checkout
  • Elasticsearch
  • Easier and more affordable extension updates
  • Introduction of Ajax add-to-cart
  • Simplified site navigation
  • Split database solution
  • Useful dashboard featuring lifetime sales, average order amount and top search terms and viewed products
  • Simplified uploading of products
  • Improved efficient customisation
  • Increased platform compatibility
  • Reduced hardware requirements
  • Offers more efficient testing and bug screening
  • Simplified integration

How can Magento specialists support your ecommerce website migration?

Although upgrading to Magento 2 is not without its teething issues, businesses can avoid potential complications and elongated processes through recruiting a Magento specialist partner and web development agency, such as Redbox Digital. Although Magento 2 has existed since 2015, the platform is still relatively new and still remains more costly than its predecessor.

However, the benefits vastly outweigh the potential deterrents, including a highly customisable systems offering almost endless possibilities when it comes to ecommerce development.

Redbox is a digital commerce consultancy with global reach and experience, one of five Magento Elite Partners and the only OMS accredited partner.

The company specialise in the implementation of custom-built digital commerce solutions for major B2B and B2C brands and pride themselves on delivering real results. On average, client sales uptake increases by 2.4 times after adoption.